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21 May 2011 @ 07:44 pm
Its GOTTA be Rukia!!! | Bleach 448/449  
So me and my sister have been discussing this and I have quite a few options of who it may or may not be, some logical some not-so logical. For me the most logical has to be Rukia for a lot of things I see here make this my optimum choice, and its not just because I love her.

First off I think it may be Rukia for several little reasons, I wanna start off by saying I am excluding any other Shinigami besides Renji, Rukia and maybe Aizen, because of another chapter. Secondly I wanna say this might sound far-fetched to other people

Anyway; the first point of why I think its may be Rukia, her speech pattern -- I am sure Everyone is noticing that one, because it was the last thing Rukia said, it was her regular thing to say and its really only her who uses it (Maybe Hitsugaya too...) but Hitsugaya makes no sense to come and see Ichigo, and no one is waiting for his "at long last" return.

Then there's the Sword Sheath, I know, I know! but of the two reasonable options -- either Renji or Rukia -- have A Brown sheath and a White sheath the person in the last Manga panel has a white sheath like Rukia, the only other person with that small of feet who has a white sheath is Hitsugaya (But him being there makes no sense) so thats one of the many other things deluding me to think its Rukia

Also, the first thingKubo drew for us when Rukia gained her powers back, was her foot, when Ichigo turns to see her in her Soul form, we saw her foot first, just like we see in this new chapter. Its not like I'm saying this proves it but I do catch a trope here.

Now for the things that tell me its NOT Rukia, first off Isshin and Urhara's faces, they just don't look like they are happy at all to see her, I mean I can see why Isshin isn't all too happy on account of taking away Ichigo's "future" but Urahara usually has a goofy face when he see's Rukia I don't see that here; and then there is last Chapter --

Uryu got a "Cold Shadow" in his eyes; the cold part would at first make you think Ice, Snow so obviously Rukia, but why would Uryu have a cold shadow in his eyes if Rukia were here there? They are friends so him looking evil like that and having a "cold shadow" in his eyes makes no sense to me...? That tells me its got to be A. someone he hates or B. he's just worried that Shinigami are arriving in the World of the Living or C. he's been manipulated by the bad guys, but that makes no sense to me seeing as Uryu's strength or lack there of (sorry hun' I love ya still) was demonstrated to the bad guy personally.

But seeing as Uryu had a strange change in attitude and had Orihime heal him, I think that its gotta be someone he feels threatened by, Kubo is making Uryu get ready to fight, I am pretty sure. I know Uryu said he wanted to be healed because Ichigo fought his attacker...but Uryu is more calculated then that -- this guy took him down easy peasy, I also find it odd that the Chapter the Mystery Shinigami appears in is titled "Loading to Lie" -- I think this is referring to Uryu's lie about why he wanted to be healed.


Bah! So confused -- anyone feel free to kick me off my crazy-train

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