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27 May 2011 @ 09:07 pm
Rukia?!? or Karin?!? | Bleach Chapter 450  
Maybe its Karin -- Kinda makes sense too, if you think back on some chapters ago, although I don't know why that's what we've been waiting for "At long last" or why it would take Ichigo's future away, unless keeping his family safe is what Isshin see's as Ichigo's future, but even that is a little far-fetched to me.
Karin has been acting weird around Yuzu and Ichigo, and sneaking around a lot too. And Ichigo hasn't been able to sense Spiritual pressure so he wouldn't notice the change, that would also explain why Yuzu has been acting so alienated lately.

Kuugo said Karin has been visiting Urahara's shop a lot lately, I can not imagine why she'd frequent that place if she weren't spiritually involved with something Shinigami/related, since Urahara sells thing for Shinigami purposes and the like. And if Urahara and Isshin are going to use Karin for the next baddie fight it would explain why Kuugo said Ichigo shouldn't trust Urahara...?

Okay, it can't be Karin, what with the whole Senkaimon being there, so it most definitely IS a Shinigami from Soul Society, I guess that cancels out Karin then, damn! Kubo why did you do this to me!? I was all ready to know who it was and now he drags it out -- if it is Rukia her reunion will be so, so, so amazing

Anyway, does this possibly take Ikumi out of the equation as well? Unless between the time she appeared in the chapters and now she went to Soul Society or some such thing? Urahara definitely is acting weird though, he has that weird smiley kinda mysterious face, the kinda face I usually associate with him seeing Rukia -- but I don't know why Urahara would say "Well, thanks then/I owe you thanks" to Rukia...

But from this we can totally tell that the person is crossing their arms, a Rukia frequented pose, there's some business going on about her sash but it makes no sense to me why her sash being tied a certain way means it is or is not her...
Rukia sheath, Rukia pose, Rukia speech...oh! Kubo why!!!

Kubo has familiarized us with Rukia in that pose, though I am not saying its Rukia just because the Shinigami is crossing their arms, just another interesting possible Kubo Hint. I think like OD said he always does those kinds of things for a reason, hints and stuff.

Also...introduction with the foot thing, she's the only Shinigami who is linked so closely to Ichigo who is always introduced or out-roduced with a foot, the first thing Kubo shows us through Ichigo or Omni view is her foot. It happens all the time with her, others too but a LOT with Rukia.